At Blocked Drains Northwest we believe that we offer the best service in Manchester because we are based in Manchester. Our team of experts can be on site quickly to diagnose and fix your problem using the latest techniques and equipment.

Many of the companies who appear on the internet are simply call centres who farm work out to any drainage company who will take it.  When you call Blocked Drains Northwest you will be speaking directly to us and the person who answers the phone will have the knowledge and expertise to help you straight away.

When looking for a drainage company you need to consider the following things:

Location – The further a company travel the higher a price you’ll pay.  Make sure the company you call is genuinely near to you and don’t be afraid to ask.

Rates – Ask for a general estimate of the price when you call..a genuine company will be helpful and offer you advice

Drains Companies Manchester

Our engineers are on call seven days a week and 24 hrs a day so there is always someone available to help.

From a simple unblock to a complete CCTV survey, our fully trained team can help you.

Get in touch today, we offer a 7 day week 24 hrs a day service.