A blocked drain is a common household issue and within commercial properties. If blocked drain issues get ignored, they cause many future problems – one being a rise in dampness in your walls and ceilings. Whilst you may not assume that blocked drains are the result of this particular property damage, it happens more regularly than you would believe.

If you have noticed dampness appearing within your home’s walls or ceilings, Blocked Drains Northwest are here to help.

How Would a Blocked Drain Lead to Dampness?

It is true; one of the most widespread dampness causes is the result of blocked drains.

As your drains get blocked by household waste – including issues such as loose hairs and debris – the water flow through your system gets more and more obstructed. Eventually, this builds up to a level where water will seek a way to break through, leading to seepage through the drainage system. The result is escaping through your walls, floors and ceiling.

As water trickles through your home’s structure, patches of dampness begin to appear and then spread once visible. Have you noticed dark patches on your ceiling? Does it look like water is trickling through your walls?

You can also identify condensation on your home’s mirrors, windows and doors.

Determining if it is Blocked Drains

If you suspect that these problems are the result of a blocked drain, there are some telling signs you can look out for. It can come in condensation or even your wallpaper peeling.

If you see drops of water dripping from the ceiling or damp patches appearing on your carpet, or even foul smells you cannot identify, if you sample any of these instances, we advise that you contact a blocked drain specialist Northwest to unblock the problem quickly and efficiently before any further damage occurs.

Failure to unblock your drains when obstructions arise causes further dampness to appear and adds an irreparable damage level to your drainage system.

What to Do

Many homeowners choose to tackle blocked drains themselves with household products. However, if your home has dampness already, you need to consult with a professional drain blockage company – as further damage has already begun.

Blocked drains can be easily remedied, but more obstructed drains can result in heavy damage if not professionally cleared. Professionals can use CCTV drain surveys to identify the extent of the obstruction and unblock it without any further damage or necessary repairs.

If you have a dampness or blocked drain issues, Blocked Drains Northwest are here to help. Call our friendly team today for professional drain unblocking services.