Many property owners love to live and work around natural environments with trees and natural elements. These environments provide a range of benefits – such as natural shade, beauty, and cleaner air. However, can tree roots damage drains?

One of the negative impacts comes when tree roots begin to impact your drainage systems, resulting in severe blockage and damage that proves very costly to repair. As blocked drains specialists, we have witnessed the impact that tree roots have on drainage systems and know exactly how to mitigate these effects.

How Do Trees Damage Drains?

Can tree roots damage drains and if so, how? Tree roots commonly cause blockages whenever they gain access to the pipes through cracks or force and begin to obstruct the flow of water. In this scenario, it can lead to multiple problems with backups, overflows and flooding your home.

Tree roots could also damage the system by severe cracking and breaking of the pipes. The damage from this results in interior leaks and other types of damage that put excessive strain on the system integrity. Even if tree roots do not cause blockage or damage they can significantly slow the system by taking up space and reducing the diameter of the pipe.

When tree roots cause blockages and damage to the system, it can be extremely costly to repair. Most of the time, it will result in increased maintenance costs or system replacement, having a knock-on effect for other aspects of your garden and property.

Mitigating Effects

One of the most effective ways to mitigate the effects of tree roots damaging your drainage system is selecting the right trees for the location. There are many trees with non-intrusive root systems, such as oaks and maples, that will cause less hassle with your drains.

Proper placement of the trees is also crucial in preventing damage by situating them at least 10 feet away from pipes or other infrastructure ensures the roots don’t grow within them. Root barriers can also be installed around the drains to prevent roots from reaching the pipes.

Regular maintenance of your drainage systems by a qualified drainage repair Manchester specialist is essential to preventing blockages and damage from tree roots. The team at Blocked Drains Northwest will regularly clean your pipes, remove debris and inspect the system for signs of damage.

Tree roots can pose significant damage to your drainage systems. The threat of blockages, severe damages and increased maintenance costs can be avoided by working with a professional Manchester drainage company.

Contact the team at Blocked Drains Northwest today to take action before trees present heavy damage to your property.