With Manchester seeing a large amount of heavy rainfall and high winds over December, there has been an increase in reports of drain blockage. Surely, you have seen many roads that have flooded whilst driving over the last few weeks, and that is down to the mixture of Autumn’s fallen leaves and excessive rainfall throughout the holidays. With the high winds knocking over people’s wheelie bins, extra rubbish and paper have found a path into drains and started blocking the pipes. Pipework below the ground often means it can be difficult to diagnose why your drains are blocked – but there is a solution in a CCTV drain survey.

Here are the reasons why they are a positive advantage.

Buying a New Property

If you buy a new home, certain mandatory surveys and searches are required by your mortgage company. A drainage survey is not one of them.

If you purchase a new home in January with a faulty drainage system, you can open yourself up to a year of pain and unwanted expenses. A CCTV drain survey will give you the peace of mind that the property you are buying has no issues caused by the December wind and rainfall. If the survey does highlight any issue, you can request the issue be fixed before the sale or request a renegotiation on the price if you are left to pay for the work yourself.

Clear Overview of Drain Health

When suffering a drain issue, it needs to be unblocked as soon as possible. However, sometimes fixing that immediate issue overlooks other problems lurking beneath the surface.

CCTV drain surveying will diagnose future problems and immediate issues, helping you nip them in the bud before they become costly and time-consuming later. Your survey will also allow you to take preventative measures to stop the problem from happening at all.

A Cost-Effective Solution

There is a cost involved with a CCTV survey, but it far outweighs the amount it can save you in the long run with blocked drains Manchester and the damage they can cause.

Not having your problem professionally diagnosed and dealt with will undoubtedly lead to more extensive and costly repairs in short order. The main reason that a CCTV drain survey offers value for money is the comprehensive insight into the condition of your drains that permits you to keep your repair costs to the absolute minimum.

Are you noticing some problems with your drains and seeing water start to invade your garden space? Contact the team at Blocked Drains Northwest today to conduct a thorough drain inspection this January.