The only thing more unpleasant than a blocked drain is one that keeps blocking over again for no apparent reason. It can be extremely stressful clearing a blocked drain, especially when you don’t know the cause or how to solve the recurring issue.

Some causes can be dealt with at home by changing how you use your drains, but others require the services of a qualified blocked drains specialist.

Leading Causes

Many things can factor into why your drains constantly block. Depending on where your drain location, it can be numerous built-up problems.

A drain blockage in your kitchen drain is almost always the result of discarded food and drink particles. Fats, oils and grease are prime culprits in  blocking your pipes, which becomes more noticeable in your sink. When materials are hot from cooking, they are liquid and can easily pour down the drain. However – when they cool – they begin to harden, which will block the system.

Other debris from cooking can lead to blockage, such as food waste, coffee grounds, foreign objects and more. The telling signs of the problem come from unpleasant smells, gurgling and glugging noises – with your sink either emptying slowly or seeing water coming up from the drain.


There are multiple drains and pipes associated with this room of the house, all of which can suffer drain blockage. One of the most common blockage problems comes with placing unsuitable items down the toilet, such as baby wipes or cardboard.

Apart from waste, the only item that should be flushed down the toilet is toilet paper. Even wipes that claim to be flushable should never be disposed of down the lavatory – or any cotton wool or sanitary products. If you find your bath, sink or shower drain blocked, it can be a built-up combination of hair and soap clinging together to create a clump that interferes with the natural flow of your pipes.

If you experience bad smells from your pipes, see your toilet overflowing when being flushed or see water draining much slower in your sink, bath or shower (complete with gurgling noises), the problem may stem from your bathroom drain.

Outside Drains

Leaves are one of the most common problems with external drain blockage, which has a more detrimental effect in the autumn months. Dead leaves get blown into drains and accumulate, break down and clump together to form a clog along with mud and other debris.

Another factor could be tree roots attracted to the water in your drains, which can seriously affect your drainage system should it force through to get to the water.

Recurrent blockages in your toilets, sinks or outside drains can be time-consuming and unpleasant to deal with. You need to call upon a blocked drain expert in Manchester to solve the problem once and for all.

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