When your drains get blocked, your home can turn into a nightmare. Most of the time, property owners are completely oblivious to the problem until it becomes unavoidable. It is helpful for property owners to be aware of leading indicators of a clogged drain.

Whilst some issues are clear giveaways that allows you to act quickly, some problems are not as apparent unless you know where to look. Here are some helpful hints to avoid or minimise blocked drains before contacting drain specialist Manchester.

Warning Signs to Spot

Knowing the early signs of a blocked drain will not only prevent issues from building but will also save you considerable money.

The most common warning signs are when your water drains much slower than usual. Your drains will start to gurgle and water levels will increase, sometimes highlighting floating food debris and a bad smell from your pipes. You can also experience an overall lack of water pressure that is a result of blocked drains. Seeing any of these signs will help you to keep a step ahead of the problem before it becomes severe.

Slow Water and Gurgling

Slow-draining water can be from a toilet, a bath, a shower or a sink and for many reasons will drain slowly. If you notice this happens quite often, it is a first warning sign that something is starting to build.

When your pipes or fixtures sound different from how they usually would, a gurgling noise can indicate that you have trapped air in the system. Whilst some gurgling sounds are natural, if they become persistent and extremely loud, they require being checked by Blocked Drains Northwest.

These sounds may be apparent with sinks or showers, but water-based appliances such as washing machines are applicable also.

Raised Water Levels

When you flush the toilet, look at your water level once it returns to normal. If it should rise higher than expected, you may have a clogged drain issue.

Food lingering in your plugholes in your kitchen sink is a telltale sign that items are not being carried away as they should. It can be accompanied by a bad smell, relating to food that is clogging up your drainpipe and in urgent need of being cleared out. Whether it is the unpleasant odours or visual symptoms you first discover, you need swift action to prevent significant blockage.

Running your taps can indicate how well the water flows through your system. When it is slow or tricking through the plughole, contact a drainage expert in Manchester.

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