If the term collapsed drain sounds like a serious issue to you, make no mistake – it is. If your drain collapses, it is a serious issue that needs a professional drain inspection Manchester.

Blocked Drains Northwest is a specialist in drain inspection, unblocking and repair when necessary, meaning if you suspect your drain has collapsed, our team will come and investigate. If you see any of the following signs, you may well have a collapsed drain on your property.


Dampness is never a good thing to have in your home. Many things can lead to dampness, such as a hole in your roof. However, if your drain has collapsed, any water naturally flowing through the system will seep into your walls, ceiling or flooring.

It will also be spreading the more it is ignored, resulting in costly damage and repairs needed. If your drain is under your house, your walls or floors will show major damp signs if the drain has collapsed. That will need to be addressed before things get much worse.

Bad Smells 

You know when something does not smell right in your home, and if that smell is one of sewage, it could mean your drain has suffered a collapse.

When a drain collapses, the sewage waste is prevented from flowing naturally into the main sewage system. The following sign will see your toilets backing up or blocking, which can inflict untold damage to your toilets, flooring and drains. If you are already experiencing blockages and your sewers are backing up, contact the team at Blocked Drains Northwest immediately to fix the problem.

Compromised Drainage

If you notice that the water in your toilet, sink or drain is taking a long time to drain away, it could be down to a blockage. However, it could also indicate that your drain or a pipe has collapsed.

To ascertain the length of the problem, specialists in blocked drains Manchester will conduct a CCTV survey of the drainage system to determine the cause and how extensive the damage is. This process will help prevent any further problems by identifying weaknesses or compromising areas in the overall system leading to the sewer.

Cracks and Subsidence

When a drain collapses underneath a structural part of your property or a feature such as a path or driveway, the appearance of fresh cracks can occur in severe cases. There may also be subsidence.

Simply filling in those cracks will not fix the problem, and it can prove very costly to repair if you do not deal with it immediately. There may also be signs of subsidence in the soil around a damaged pipe. You need to contact Blocked Drains Northwest straightaway to conduct a Manchester drain repair.

There are many reasons why your drain could collapse, and each of them requires the help of a drain specialist in Manchester to fix them before they get pricy. If you suspect your drain has collapsed in your property, contact our friendly team at Blocked Drains Northwest today.