One of the most annoying household problems is finding small flies around your kitchen or bathroom – without an indication of where they come from. These small pests usually show up throughout the warmer months and start to overtake certain rooms with drain access. These pests are drain flies. They are attracted to standing water or decaying organic matter within your drains and sewers. After a while, they begin to travel up through your pipes and exit through your kitchen sink or – in the case of bathrooms – the bathroom sink and shower/bath drain.

These pests are also likely to appear in areas not frequently used -especially if you have been away from home on holidays where they have had free reign to grow in numbers. Whilst they are harmless to humans, they are still extremely annoying around your home. You will want to eliminate them – but how?

Boiling Water

Before calling any professional drainage expert in Manchester, you can try some trusted home solutions to see if they solve the problem. The most common way to tackle the drain fly problem is to use boiling water.

By boiling a full kettle and carefully pouring it into your drain through the kitchen sink plughole, you stand to remove minor debris that gets stuck. It will also eliminate the bacteria that drain flies are attracted to. Ideally, you pour a full kettle worth of boiling water down your plughole once a day for a week. If the problem persists past that period, then try our next recommendation.

Bicarbonate of Soda, Salt and Vinegar

Another trusted method homeowners have adopted is mixing up bicarbonate of soda with salt and vinegar. That creates a natural solution you pour down your drains and leave to work overnight.

The bicarbonate of soda expands with the vinegar, allowing for it to reach more areas than the boiling water trick will – hopefully eliminating the problem. The following morning, your first job should be to flush it with a kettle of boiling water. If the problem persists following this action, it is time to call upon the team at Blocked Drains Northwest.

Professionals On Hand

If you have tried the week’s worth of boiling water and then the bicarbonate of soda mixed with salt and vinegar, and yet those pesky drain flies are still finding their way into your kitchen or bathroom, it is time to call upon the team at Blocked Drains in Manchester.

You may require a drainage inspection and full drain clearance service to eliminate your drain flies – as well as whatever is attracting them. Contact our friendly team today for further assistance with your drains.