Drains play the most dominant role in home maintenance and sanitation. Like other aspects of home care, a drain inspection is integral to ensure the seamless operation of a fully functional drainage system.

A drain inspection is a fully detailed examination of a home or business drainage system by experts in blocked drains in Manchester. By using high-quality cameras to identify any drainage issues, an inspection ensures that zero damage is forced onto your pipes. Regular drain inspections help to avert potential drainage problems whilst saving time and money for a healthier living environment.

Signs Indicating a Required Inspection

Slow drainage is possibly the most common sign that you require a drain inspection. Slowly draining sinks or baths indicate the blockage is somewhere in the pipes. That can be a small blockage in the piping or a larger threat deep in the wide parts of the system.

Unpleasant smells that emanate from your drains indicate a growing problem. The smells are typically foul and can lead straight into your sewer, requiring emergency clearing. Frequent backups and clogs can indicate a severe problem with the drainage system. Recurring clogs will need a professional drain inspection by Blocked Drains Manchester.

If you notice mould and mildew on your walls or around the drains, it is a sign of excessive moisture that can be from a leak in your piping. That requires immediate servicing by professionals. Water stains and damage – including cracks in the walls or floors – suggest an underlying drain issue that can be signs of a significant leak.

If your water bills are unusually high, it can also be an unknown leak in your system with the provider noting the use of water flowing through your system. It is advisable to have a professional drain inspection from Blocked Drains Northwest.

How Important Is a Drain Inspection

Having an early drain inspection whenever you notice any of these signs will save you a lot of money and time in the future. Dealing with the issue when it is small and manageable prevents it from escalating into a larger problem and being more costly to repair.

Early inspections will identify any potential problems and remedies before they cause any structural damage. Regular drain inspections in Manchester will also help avoid any health issues that mould or mildew can cause, as well as help maintain your property’s structural integrity. That becomes a great help should you wish to keep your home’s market value in check if you decide to sell.

Acting early saves you considerable costs, health issues and any future problems with your system. Contact the team at Blocked Drains Northwest today.