How many times have you said that this past month? It is not uncommon with the warm weather returning and hotter months ahead to ask this question around your home. Now that the colder weather is gone and we have had the last of the rainfall that April always provides, hay fever is not the only thing in the air – so are the unsuspected drainage issues. Spring and summer are the most problematic seasons for blocked drains, resulting in strange drain smells around your property that you have trouble locating.

One problem could be that the warmer months provide energy for your trees and bushes to begin their growth cycle again, where falling leaves and root intrusion lead to blockages in your external drains. With blockage comes sewer and sink drainage, resulting in foul odours that ruin your spring and summer plans and take a toll on the repair costs.

At Blocked Drains Northwest, we know our fair share of plumbing and drainage issues in the Spring and how difficult it gets to deal with blockages throughout the summer.

Common Issues

Slow-clearing drains Manchester are among the most common household issues during the summer, and many times will come down to tree roots that have consistently grown during the Spring. These roots provide a trap for leaves and other debris flowing through your pipes through your external grid.

It increases the size of the blockage until no water can get through at all. It is an irritation that gets very unpleasant very fast, with the heat of the summer months fuelling the nasty drain smells even further. While tree roots are an external problem, your internal piping can also be affected when not maintained correctly. Various substances from your shower (hair, soap scum, etc) can lead to a sizable build within your drain that will eventually put a strange on your water flow.

Whilst they may seem like small inconveniences, they can lead to burst pipes and flooding in most cases when not dealt with effectively.

Regular Drain Checks

Do not wait until too late when it comes to handling a problem with a blocked drain. There is nothing but a huge expense in fixing your drainage system over having it maintained regularly.

If the problem persists after you have attempted to unblock it yourself, call on professionals in drainage solutions to locate the issue, potentially through a CCTV drainage inspection. Contact the team at Blocked Drains Northwest today to keep your home smelling fine throughout the hot months ahead.