It is impossible to tell when a drain forms up a blockage until it takes effect. Unfortunately, you will notice leaks, air pollution from stagnant water, flooding, and even ill health for yourself once they have started. However, there are habits and drain tips you can put in motion to keep your drains well-maintained and reduce the potential of blocked drains in Manchester.

Clogs in your drain are typically a result of built-up debris, small objects, grease/fats, and tree root intrusion into your underground piping. Even if the blockage is not in your pipes, it can happen in the main lines, leading to problems for your neighbours.

Preventive Measures

The good news is that your blockage can simply be a minor one. To determine if so, use a plunger to see if it clears the water buildup and restores your system to working order.

If the blockage persists, look at your bathtub and clear any debris from under the stoppers. Do this at least twice weekly and wash the stopper before putting it back in place. If you suffer from a lot of hair loss in the bath or shower, ensure that you install a mesh barrier on the plug. Much like the sink catching food waste, this will collect most loose hair to empty and keep free from your drains.

You should also comb your hair before taking a bath or shower to eliminate the loose strands and avoid clumping in your drains.

Install Grates Over Your Drains

It is worth asking your drain cleaning company to install grates over your drains to prevent any falling leaves or debris from accessing your pipes and getting stuck further in the system.

Stay clear of using anything but bacteriological drain cleaners to clean your drains, as other stronger agents can have a detrimental corrosive effect on your drain pipes. You should also ensure that garden plants and trees are planted away from your pipes to prevent their roots from growing in your drains.

To help keep things clear, start an annual drain maintenance contract with a Manchester drainage company that can conduct thorough inspections regularly to keep your system healthy and obstruction-free. Blocked Drains Northwest offers this service around the area, and keeps you informed on preventive measures to avoid severe blockage in the future.

Disposal Guidelines 

It becomes all too easy for you to let some substances and waste particles flow into your drains. The biggest offending substance is leftover food particles from doing your dishes. Instead of letting them access your drains, scrape any existing food waste into your bin.

Stop pouring grease, fats, oils, and coffee into your sink. With your toilets, do not flush baby wipes, condoms, or any cosmetics with a flush – they are not good for your system and contribute to substantial blockages.

Do you still face a blockage issue after all of these drain tips? It is time to call Blocked Drains Northwest to look into the problem. Contact our friendly team today to learn more.