You would not believe some of the obscure items we have pulled out from a blocked drain in all our years of drainage issues. When we think we have seen it all, along comes another first for us.

Don’t get us wrong – we enjoy a challenge and it certainly keeps things interesting. We have seen full vegetables, socks, discarded chicken carcasses, children’s toys – it’s like an unlucky dip on every occasion.

It is not always every day we can find a couple of pound coins on our adventures in drainage solutions, but we do get a chuckle out of some of the things we extract. Sometimes, the drainage issues we undertake also turn into a rescue mission.

Household Mysteries

When our team has done CCTV drain surveys or thorough excavation of compromised drains, we have seen many items that seem to have no way of going down the plughole. Children’s toys are a big one.

Everything from small Matchbox cars to larger fluffy toys have been found down the drains. These typically find access when your exterior drain does not have a grate, and your children have been playing outside. For some unknown reason, those little ones are fascinated with dropping their toys down the waterfall and into the deep drain, never to return.

Occasionally, we can even find a shoe that has somehow found its way into your drain. If you have a dog, they may be the culprit – along with the odd tennis ball that always seems to find its way into the drains. Installing a grate over your exterior drain will prevent some of these larger items from entering your system and causing havoc.

Rescue Missions

There have been countless occasions during a CCTV drain survey where a simple maintenance job has turned into a rescue mission. Many animals have found their way into a drainage system by misadventure, and it becomes time-sensitive to rescue them.

Small puppies and kittens are known to be mischievous and adventuresome, but they also get clumsy and can fall into an outside drain with no way to get out. Most of the time they cling on for hours at a time trying to prevent their fall and cry for help. Chances are they reach a section of piping where they get stuck, and water needs to be turned off to prevent them from drowning as they clog the system.

Other wildlife has been found within drainage repair operations. Hedgehogs, birds, squirrels – all can suddenly begin to fight for life when they make the mistake of exploiting an open drain system.

At Blocked Drains Northwest, we can help prevent these blockages by providing preventive drain maintenance to keep it safe for your home, your possessions and animal life in the area. Contact our team today.