You would think that a professional drain company in Manchester wouldn’t want to give pointers on how to prevent drain blockage in your system. After all, that is what we call our bread-and-butter jobs.dr

However, drainage emergencies crop up when some contractors are all backed up on jobs themselves, leading you to hire someone not qualified for a quick fix – that usually results in worse damage. Apart from being unsightly, blocked drains pose serious health risks and can cause flooding, air pollution and leakage. However, there are ways that you can avoid these problems with some regular maintenance.

Factors of Blocked Drains

Whilst many blocked drains in Manchester come with unknowing what has caused it initially, the most common blocks can be by dead skin cells, hair, grease and even tree roots piercing into your drainage pipes.

The external main lines may contain large clogs, even when it does not show in your house pipes. With these small maintenance tips, you can prevent a clog from happening and avoid costly repairs.


Most minor clogs in a system can be fixed with a plunger, and, amazingly, many clients we meet do not have this household item on standby. You can clear out debris in the drain by raising your stoppers in the bath and rinsing them off before you put them back in place.

If hair loss is something you are experiencing when in the shower, make sure that it is not meshing up your plughole when you shower. You pull all this from your plughole because, just like food in your kitchen sink, hair will clump up and clog your drains once down the plughole. If you remove loose hair before taking a bath or shower, there will be less chance of that buildup causing problems later.

Purchase Some Protection

How to prevent drain blockage – We advise having grates installed over each drain your property has and having a professional install them. When you come to have your drains cleaned, you can purchase an anti-bacterial drain cleaner that is not corrosive.

If you buy plants for your garden with a root system, we recommend planting them on the other side of your garden so that the roots do not spread to your piping. If you get a contract with Blocked Drains Northwest, you can benefit from regular inspections and drain servicing to keep them in safe working order.

There are many factors when working with drain blockage in causes and solutions. If you have tried these methods and still have problems, contact our friendly team at Blocked Drains Northwest for drainage services in Manchester.