Using professional drain cleaning services regularly is the most effective way to prevent blockage and future problems that prove very costly. We all know that dealing with drain problems can cause all kinds of nightmares.

To keep your home or commercial property safe from blocked drain problems, hire a professional drain cleaning firm for regularly servicing. Whilst you may think it would be easy to save some money and take care of the problem yourself, it can be a very unpleasant task. When you add that you may not know anything about your drainage system, you may do more damage than good.

At Blocked Drains Northwest, our team are well-equipped with the necessary tools and training for any size drain problem, allowing us to fix it quickly without further disruption. We also know how to do the work without putting added risk to your property.

Reasons Behind Drain Blockage

There are many ways that a drain can suddenly become blocked. Most of the time it is congregated fats, oils and greases that become solid once poured down your sinkhole.

Other times, it can be flushed baby wipes mistakenly thought of being able to dissolve in the system – which clogs up your system for months before dislodging. Another problem could be a build-up of garden waste, free trash and leaves that have entered your external drains and begun to mass of sludge and debris blocking the natural flow.

These can significantly build up over time, leading to leaking roofs, ceilings and walls, unpleasant smells and many other effects. It can also lead to damage to your internal wiring and electrics. That is why it is imperitive to have professionals conduct the work and ensure that everything is fine with your drains.

How Often Should You Clean the Drains?

How often you should have your drains serviced truly comes down to several factors. If you live in a rural community, you are more likely to have leaves and debris build up in external drains, whereas if you are a city business or healthcare area such as a hospital or care home, you will have high numbers of visitors using bathrooms daily who may not understand about baby wipes and your toilets.

No two properties are the same, so we will always talk with you about the property, the drainage system and what the ideal cycle of service and inspection should be. The regularity of professional drain cleaning for a system is typically between once a month to once every six months.

Employing Professionals

When hiring professional drain cleaning services, make sure you hire licenced and insured technicians who offer second-to-none service. Contact our friendly team today.