Blocked Drains Northwest: School in Chorlton

Among the many businesses and organisations within the Manchester area, schools and colleges are among the most crucial for immediate action due to blocked drains. Due to the high number of staff and pupils that visit the bathrooms daily, one simple backup in the drainage system can quickly result in severe leaking and plumbing problems – not to mention negative attention from parents and health and safety officials.

With set half-terms and holiday periods being the only times when the schools are unoccupied in the day, the need for fast action was called on the Blocked Drains Northwest team for a school in Chorlton.

The Problem at Hand

Our team undertook a thorough investigation of the problem. The main issue came from the student toilets backing up due to a severe clog in the system. That is a common problem in schools and colleges that see a lot of paper towels being flushed instead of thrown into a bin.

As well as that, children are known to throw many things into a toilet system that does not belong or dissolve. Occasionally, the drainage system can result from school kitchens disposing of fat and grease that builds up in the pipes and drains, commonly resulting in such an overflow.

Clearing the Drains

Our team cleared the man hole and flushed through the offending waste that had built up to cause blockage. The natural flow of the system was restored and costly repairs were avoided for the school. The school authority was pleased by the quick response and clearing of all backed-up waste by the Blocked Drains Northwest team.

Schools require regular drain maintenance due to the number of students and staff using the facilities. Although some drainage problems are unavoidable, regular cleaning of your system by professional blocked drain specialists can prevent such issues as this.

For more information on regular drain maintenance and clearing, contact our expert team to set up a schedule.


Posted on

August 9, 2023