Chorlton Coffee Shop

Some of the most urgently required jobs we receive at Blocked Drains Northwest come via food and beverage outlets, such as cafes, restaurants and takeaways.

When drainage problems in these businesses become an issue, it can lead to serious repair work or even having to close the store due to health and safety issues. When sewer lines become blocked, it not only affects your business – but has the potential to leak into neighbouring businesses also, affecting the relationship in the area with other business owners.

Recently, the team at Blocked Drains NorthWest were called out to a popular coffee shop in Chorlton suffering from a nasty blockage that was not the result of wasted food or beverages – but more from neglectful customers.

Upon our team’s visit to the thriving coffee outlet, we noticed that toilet water levels were seriously affected in the customer bathrooms. We traced the problem to an external grid that, when uncovered, showcased the level of blockage that the business was facing.

Customers using the coffee shop bathrooms had been putting a combination of baby wipes and sanitary wear down the toilets instead of the required bins provided in the bathroom. That quickly resulted in a major blockage in the system due to the materials not being suitable for toilet disposal.

Our team braved the disgusting waste to jet the line and clear the manhole, clearing a few feet of unnecessarily flushed waste that had clogged up the entire line. Thankfully, our team were skilled in restoring the drainage system back to flowing order, and the coffee shop avoided what could have been a costly repair job and closure of the store from health and safety.

If you have problems with your drains at home or your place of business, contact the team at Blocked Drains Northwest. There is no job too big or small for our experienced team.


Posted on

August 4, 2023