Local Northwest Hospital

As well as domestic and commercial premises that require professional drainage services, occasionally our Blocked Drains Northwest team are called to work on those within emergency services.

One such call came from a local Northwest hospital suffering a large-scale blockage without knowledge of the cause. Naturally, it is a busy hospital that tends to thousands of patients, staff members and visitors – with multiple toilets and drains around the complex. Identifying the cause of the problem could have posed an even bigger challenge.

After an investigation into the drains and locating where the main blockage was taking effect, our team found that the pipe was experiencing backup courtesy of an unsuspecting item.

Whilst toilets are known to suffer blockages from large waste, baby wipes and large amounts of tissue used at once, this particular blockage was the work of a flushed catheter bag! Naturally, this is not a material known for its dissolving qualities. Made from plastic, these medical equipment items are usually disposed of via medical waste bagging.

It would appear that one patient thought it may as well go where its contents are intended – and flushed it down the toilet. From there, the bag had gotten lodged in the piping, collecting further waste to build a dam in the piping that was quickly becoming a problem.

Thankfully, our team came prepared and jettisoned the line using high-pressure water streams to dislodge and clear the obstruction. Jettisoning the pipes remains one of the easiest and safest methods for clearing drain lines, and with the hospital facing a lot of trouble from a health and safety perspective if they didn’t act on the issue, we are happy to say that the job was successful and the flow was clear and restored.

For the team at Blocked Drains Northwest, the operation was a success and yet another story to tell on what can cause blockage in your drains.


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August 21, 2023