Manchester City Centre Shop

The team at Blocked Drains were recently contacted for a job in Manchester City Centre. A busy shop had been receiving complaints from customers that their bathroom toilets were suffering a clog.

The toilets kept backing up, resulting in water running to the floors, creating a combination of drenched toilet flooring and foul smells emanating from the room. The client did not want any further humiliation or have to shut down their store if health and safety officials arrived at their shop. They contacted our team to investigate the problem and solve it before it worsened.

Our team visited the premises to identify the root cause of the problem. Thankfully, the inspection revealed that the toilet backing up was not a result of deep clogging in the system from any waste or wipe disposal.

The problem was a pretty-common case that our team had witnessed and repaired many times previously. The pan connector on the back of the toilet was affected by its rubber seal failing. The rubber seal sometimes deteriorates and requires replacing as standard.

Our team shut off the water supply to the toilet flush and drained the water from the tank. We then removed all fittings, connecting pipes and other components connected to the seal.

With careful attention paid throughout each step, we removed the pan connector and replaced the rubber seal with a fresh one which helped the toilet backup to normal with no further problems.

Even though it was a small job to fix, the problem could have resulted in bigger problems – such as a deep clogging in the sewage line. Having a professional drain blockage company on hand to identify the problem, fix it and test the system so that no further problems occured with the toilet setup saved a lot of time, effort and money for the client.

If you suspect your system is failing and that your rubber seal may be the problem, contact the expert team at Blocked Drains today before it gets much worse.


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August 4, 2023