Urmston Care Home

It is safe to say that the team at Blocked Drains Northwest deal with every age of life with the subject of drain issues. On any good week, we can be called to a hospital, a school, a university and then a care home to deal with clogging and backed-up systems.

An example of this was a recent job at a care home in Urmston, suffering a major blockage that required urgent work to ensure the comfort for residents. After a full inspection of the drainage system, the culprit was revealed as one of the drainage’s biggest foes – wipes being flushed down the toilet instead of being placed into a sanitation bin.

The people behind the dastardly deed were not staff members, but the residents themselves – proving you are never too old to cause mischief. Wet wipes cause serious damage to drainage systems. Contrary to popular belief, these wipes do not dissolve in time, instead clumping together inside your system and causing major clogs that require professional drainage companies to come out and fix.

When these wipes come into contact with fats, grease and oils that get poured down sinks from the kitchens, fatbergs are formed that are a negative impact on the property and environment. Wet wipes are not like toilet tissue that dissolves within 24 hours – they can be found intact months after being flushed.

Thankfully, our trusted team had their high-power water jets to clear the system without any chemical use. Water jetting helped to release the wipes, as well as the backed-up grease, oils, dirt and detergents that had accumulated around the offending flushed items.

Water jetting is an effective process over drain rods in breaking up the blockage and washing the pipe clear. Following a successful jet stream, the grids were cleared out and the natural flow of the system was restored to full working order.

Surely a lesson learned for the elderly residents and another successful job for the team at Blocked Drains Northwest.


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September 29, 2023