Drains play a significant role in protecting your home, yet sadly, plenty of problems can come into play when we ignore them as just doing their job out of sight and out of mind. Whether it comes in the form of pipe breakdowns, drain blockages or mass buildup, they can be pretty unpleasant to deal with. A problem people do not expect, but equally is just as unpleasant – is rats in your drains.

If your drains are not in the best working order, all a rodent would require to gain access to your home is a small hole in your drainage system. These vermin squeeze into the hole and make safe passage into the inner workings of your home, set to do even more damage. Where one rat occupies, others follow – especially if they grow their community under your roof. It can be even worse should a rat get stuck and die within your drain system.

It sounds serious – and it is! You will require this problem to be solved quickly before an infestation takes effect.

Confirm the Problem

Whilst rats are generally elusive creatures, there are simple signs that can determine if you have a rat problem in your home.

It can come in the form of chewed papers, wires, wood and plastic chippings. If you notice food wrappings within your home that have come from outside, you have evidence that you have a rat infestation in the home. Once ascertained, contact a reliable pest control expert who can eliminate the problem quickly and effectively.

Once the rodent problem has been eliminated, the need to find out how it became a problem is the priority.

CCTV Survey

The next crucial step is contacting the team at Blocked Drains in Manchester to conduct a CCTV survey and identify the fault in your drainage system.

A CCTV drainage survey uses cutting-edge equipment that can identify the weakness in your system that has allowed rodents to access your house. Once the problem has been identified, it may require a certain amount of drainage repairs to reinforce your drainage system against time and weather – and prevent any further problems with wildlife accessing your property.

Our team will fit preventive measures such as a protective guard on your external drainage openings to keep any rats from squeezing into the system – and a drainage maintenance plan to ensure that no further rodent risks affect your property.

Rats are a significant problem to any home and its drainage system. At Blocked Drains Northwest, our team can help avoid rats in your drains from the ofset. If you are currently dealing with an infestation elimination, our team can help identify if your drains are the problem and fix them to avoid similar occurrences in the future.

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