The New Year celebrations may be in the rearview mirror and the profits from a busy Manchester holiday period will have given the restaurant industry a boost for the year-end. However, with the increased activity, could your restaurant drains be suffering a little under the scenes?

Restaurants are businesses that are more likely to suffer from drainage issues due to fluids like cooking oils disposed of in a not-so-ideal manner. When oils get poured down a drain, they will eventually cool and solidify. Whilst it may not be enough to cause blocked drains Urmston, it will reduce the diameter of the sewer pipe and obstruct other materials, leading to the blockage.

The last thing you want with Valentine’s Day only a month away is for your drainage system to begin backing up and for foul smells to fill the breathable air. It may be time to have your drains checked to see if your New Year boost has resulted in a potential festering problem.

Spotting a Blocked Drain

With your drains, prevention is better than a cure. Identifying and resolving the issue early will save you time and money. Unblocking a drain before it ceases entirely will save your business, reputation and a much bigger repair bill.

To help identify a blocked drain, the easiest symptom will come with a smell. If you are picking up on an aroma away from your food that is unpleasant, it can be the first warning sign. The next thing is running your tap and see if your water is taking longer to drain from your sink than it should. Check all of your toilets to see if any water rises or almost overflows after flushing. If you have any gurgling sounds from these actions, then something needs further investigation.

Contact a Professional

Sometimes it takes much more than simply pouring boiling water down your plughole or using a plunger to unblock a drainage issue. Sometimes a problem can be so deep into your drainage system that a blocked drains services professional is required.

At Blocked Drains Northwest, our professional skilled technicians have quick and easy solutions to help identify and fix any sizable drainage issue, helping to keep your kitchen running and your customers happy. Occasionally, we will conduct a CCTV drain inspection to discover the deep-rooted cause and location of the blockage before deciding on the best way to treat the problem.

Our team informs you of every step of what is discovered and how we intend to fix the problem, being transparent with our work and helping you understand how to prevent such issues from happening again.

Contact the team at Blocked Drains Northwest today and ensure that your restaurant stays pleasant for 2024.