When you are looking for a blocked drains company in Manchester then it is important to ensure that the price you see is the price you will pay.  In this ever competitive industry we are receiving more and more calls from customers who have had their time wasted  by companies who advertise one price and then try and get charged another.

A rule of thumb for seeing if a price is genuine is to work out if it is actually possible for a company to do the job at the price offered.  If they are travelling 20 miles to you and 20 miles back then there is diesel costs, then you have the staff wages as well as the insurances we have to pay.  Take off the tax and you will soon realise that the £25 you were quoted could never have actually happened as the company would have made a loss in doing your drain.

At Blocked Drains Northwest we are based in Manchester right next to the motorway so can be across Manchester and Cheshire quickly.  We possess the experience and equipment to unblock your drain quickly and will give you a full and honest appraisal of the job before we start.

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