For many, there is no better feeling than being wrapped up warm indoors whilst raining heavily outside. It provides a sense of calm and comfort that is one of life’s guilty pleasures. However, there is always something that can potentially damage the ambience, and it comes with noticing an unpleasant drain smell emanating during the weather. If you are currently experiencing this, rest assured – you are not alone. It is a common issue with blocked drains Manchester.

Rain and Drain

During heavy rainfall, your drain system will undergo a series of dynamics that can release unpleasant odours. Mixing the water pressure, sewer gases, and pipe conditions can result in foul smells that threaten to ruin your rainy-day relaxation.

One primary contributor is the presence of sewer gases, including hydrogen sulphide and methane. These accumulate due to moisture, waste, and drainage within your sewers. The mixture will produce a pungent smell that becomes more significant when combined with rainwater.

Atmospheric pressure changes associated with rainy weather will exacerbate the issue of odours. Methane contained within the septic tank may not flow through vents as they do with normal weather, leading to heavy air laden with a foul drain smell entering your living spaces.

Dried Out Barriers

Within fixtures used less frequently, the water barriers can dry out over time. An absence of water creates an opening for sewer gases to rise and infiltrate your living space.

The best way to avoid this scenario is to take prompt action, including periodically running water to replenish the traps. For properties with septic tank systems, rain-induced atmospheric pressure shifts will impede the flow of methane gases. Additionally, full septic tanks and blocked venting systems can exacerbate the issue.

Regular Maintenance

Scheduled drain jetting Manchester is crucial in preventing clogs and debris from building up in your drain system. By keeping them clear and unobstructed, it will significantly reduce the chances of odours escaping into your home.

Regular drain maintenance will help maintain the efficiency of your drainage system, whilst ensuring that seldom-used fixtures have sufficiently filled water traps to mitigate any odour issues. For more persistent odour problems, it is advisable to seek professional assistance.

Our team specialize in addressing all issues promptly and efficiently, offering tailored solutions to maintain a pleasant odour within your living spaces.

Contact the team at Blocked Drains Northwest to safeguard the integrity of your drains and keep your system fully functioning during bad weather months.