No drain will remain sparkling clean forever. Drains tend to get dirty as soon as they begin their use and will see many problems throughout their lifespan. If you are not careful, they can experience substantial drain clogs and blockages very easily from several different issues.

At Blocked Drains Northwest, we have seen blockages caused by many different items, substances, and issues. Knowing these causes can help you to take preventive steps from them happening all the time.

Grease and Food

Most drain blockages Manchester come from the kitchen sink, where a build-up of discarded greases and food particles culminate in a mass that blocks the natural water flow.

Grease is one of the most common culprits in clogged pipes, as it cools, hardens, and sticks to the insides of the drain, preventing the flow of water from your sink and showers. Food particles also contribute to this issue, with scraps of leftover food from plates, pots, and pans finding their way to the sink and lodging in the drain to trap other falling debris.

Being diligent towards what reaches your sink and discarding waste grease and food in the trash will help stop this.


The second most prominent issue with blocked drains is hair washed down the drain. Once it heads down your plughole, it becomes entangled around debris such as soap scum and dirt, creating a blockage that prevents free-flowing water.

In many cases, hair build-up can be severe enough to cause flooding. To prevent this, you should have a drain cover over your shower. It helps to capture any loose hair that falls out during a bath or shower before it gains access to your drainage system.

Foreign Objects

It is not unusual for homes with children to experience foreign objects stuck in a drain. Toys, rags, wipes, and cloths can become entangled around debris and cause severe blockages.

Baby wipes are among the most common objects that should never get flushed down the toilet but do. Baby wipes are not made from a biodegradable material and will not dissolve in your system the same as toilet tissue, causing serious problems when they latch to other objects in your drain. You will need a drain service professional to fix the drain clogs.

Sanitary Products

Another item not made from biodegradable material is those types of sanitary products, including plastic and latex. When these are flushed down the toilet, they lead to quick clogging of the system.

Absorbent materials in sanitary products swell when wet, making it ten times harder for water to flow freely through your system. These need to be discarded into the trash.

If you suffer from blockage or slow-draining water in your sink, contact the professionals at Blocked Drains Northwest today.