As a business owner, how many times a week do you get complaints of blocked urinals in your restrooms? Having your facilities out of order is not a pleasant experience, but owning a property with urinals comes with occasional problems with clogging that require a professional in blocked drains Manchester to solve.

Here are some culprits behind a clogged urinal drain and how to keep those nuisances at bay.

Limescale and Uratic Salts

Hard water often deposits minerals that accumulate limescale. Uric acid can also leave behind a trace of uratic salts. That can lead to kidney stones in humans but also can lead to similar blockages and pain for business owners.

Over time, limescale and uratic salts can build up deep into your drain pipeline, obstructing the smooth flow and creating a blockage. These deep cloggings will require specialist cleaning and unblocking by drainage experts in Manchester before the urinals begin to overflow and leak all over your floor.

Foreign Objects

The problem with public urinals is that they see a lot of abuse from people who will throw anything from wrappers to chewing gum to cigarettes. Naturally, no one will want to reach in to a urinal to pick these items out, so they begin to clog up your drains.

Most blockages come from tissue that builds up in the urinal – for reasons that are hard to explain. We would expect tissue build-up in a toilet, but some people cannot seem to help themselves and ball up large amounts of toilet tissue into a urinal.

Inconsistent Checks and Maintenance

Regular cleaning of your toilets is not just for looks and satisfaction. Having your urinals cleaned also helps to prevent slow drainage issues and blockages.

Having your urinals on a schedule of regular maintenance checks will also help to prevent blockage and damage to your drainage system. Ensuring that your pipes have not broken or come loose, or sprung a leak due to a deep clog in the drain that is holding up water.

Outdated Systems

Like everything else, urinal systems can also become outdated and in need of being replaced. Age, wear, and tear can lead to inefficiencies and blockages.

Rusted and worn parts can result in leaking from behind the urinal which will spread down your external piping and cause more rusting. If a system is seriously outdated, it may be that it is irreparable by drain unblocking manchester.

In any case, we recommend that you keep a healthy schedule of maintenance and care with your urinal drainage system with the team at Blocked Drains Northwest. Contact our team today if you are experiencing blocked urinals or blockage with your drains.